Punching machine aluminum tubes

Customer: manufacturer of noise barriers

Technology: punching

Development of a punching machine for perforating aluminum tubes. The aluminum tubes are used in the noise barrier on the A2 motorway around Eindhoven.

Weber developed a punching machine specifically for perforating tubes to create this noise barriers which was conceived by an artist. For the project 4 billion holes had to be punched in the aluminum tubes. The machine has a capacity of 80,000 holes per hour and is 20 meters long. Punching is done hydraulically driven by a huge pressure vessel with a capacity of 290 Bar.

The tubes, which are filled with insulation material, vary in height between 3.10 meters and 6.60 meters, giving the whole the idea of a pipe organ. The total noise barrier is 20,000 m2, with a total weight of 1 million tons of aluminum.