About us

Weber b.v. was founded in 1959 and started as a manufacturer of standard punching tools that are still being sold under the brand name NORM. In the course of years we started specialising in customer-specific punches and dies and special machines that are used in several markets.

Today, the development and production of machines and production lines are the majority of our daily activities. With our experienced team we are able to offer you the most diverse solutions in the field of automated production processes. All our activities, from concept to engineering and from production to assembly take place in in our facility in the Netherlands, 25 minutes outside of Amsterdam. Keeping all activities ‘in-house’ allows us to keep full control of all development steps and ensures to focus is on your machine at all times.

We offer the most diverse solutions; from dies to automated production lines. We offer solutions for improving or expanding production capacity, replacing or improving an existing machine or for product innovations. This from the various fields; mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, (servo) drive technology and robotics.



Our key characteristics:

  • 100% in-house
  • Turnkey projects
  • quality
  • durability

We develop long-life, high uptime equipment for cost-effective production.